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RT @Oxfam: I recall people I met in Nigeria, South Sudan: facing famine. Their calls for peace drowned out, trapped in conflicts @Winnie_By
After failure of UN peace talks, Erdogan tells #UNGA - 'We are open to proposals that respect the rights of Turkish… https://t.co/hgN1Fx6UJj
Terrible. Thoughts & prayers with the people of Mexico. 🙏🏼 https://t.co/R4uI5GDsKa
RT @marcthevet: 'People Who Left Their Dogs Chained During #Irma Face Felony Charges' Read more: https://t.co/cEYkbP4Y3g #HurricaneIrma #do
RT @MuslimIQ: White male privilege is being a suspect of executing 2 black men & the judge sets your bail at $500. He out & free😐 https://…
RT @DavidCornDC: Trump doesn't seem to understand the Iran accord is not a deal between US and Tehran but an international agreement among…
RT @BBCJLandale: By any standards, it is extraordinary to hear a US president at the UN threaten the total destruction of another nation
RT @daltex57: Please RT this picture. It show under no uncertain terms, who supports 45, and vice-versa. 45 and his admin. r pure NAZIS! h…
RT @haaretzcom: At UN, Trump Calls Iran Nuclear Deal 'An Embarrassment' to Israeli Delegation's Applause https://t.co/aVLd7WmiTb #UNGA #Roc
RT @MetroUK: Moment woman realised she hadn’t actually buried her cat https://t.co/Efd66NHFCr
RT @dandrezner: Um... did Trump just say the US didn't try to impose our way of life after World War II? #badhistory #badIR
RT @aishagani: I don't think even the ayatollah would mention hell and god so much in a speech https://t.co/05amjhfcYb
RT @brhodes: Trump at UN totally alienating the US from our allies and taking a position that will have no global support https://t.co/8TOm…
Listening to Trump attacking Iran for 'sponsoring terror' while praising Saudi Arabia was literally nauseating.
Turkish Cypriots have always support peace & a comprehensive settlement. Pity it's eluded us. https://t.co/lqqZwUCu66
Why's it all about him & what 'he wants?' Bigger considerations, like the UKs interests. https://t.co/Hf7sLrSHbC
RT @ThatTimWalker: Everything is a joke to Boris. He approaches diplomatic summits as if they were Have I Got News For You? He is a disaste…