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RT @Act4AnimalsEU: ūüéôHow has #EU legislation improved the lives of animals? What are the attitudes of Europeans towards #AnimalWelfare? Don'‚Ķ
RT @seanjonesqc: Syrian refugee children have died - their hearts stopped and frozen. Here people will sigh and say at least they weren’t h…
And Boris Johnson was born in New York, & the Queens husband is Greek, but let's call you a racist not a cynic. https://t.co/17Pxa1T5U6
And a war criminal responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of his own people. https://t.co/Fron6ntLQv
RT @AdamWagner1: On this day in 1959 the European Court of Human Rights was established. It gets some (usually unjustifiably) bad press in…
Happy birthday to my auntie, my late mums sister is 102 today. #Teyze #Happybirthday #102 https://t.co/0oTsAtzTdo
MPs on the warpath over academy trust accountability https://t.co/PXqmwNmiK3 via
Said this for a long time: 'parents left in the dark as to who is accountable for running their children's school'… https://t.co/mTAgM6x58P
RT @TheBeakSquawks: This is the type of Leader UK is missing. Fluent. Insightful and all in 2nd Language. https://t.co/QnUrWdT8wJ
This should be given out by hospital to carers/family members when patients are discharged. https://t.co/CRegcARL11
Yet other BBC political interviewers, who are obviously pro-Brexit aren't told to 'wind their necks in' https://t.co/sWTou7mZtx
#Spiral is the only thing worth watching on TV. #Gilou & #Laure are amazing #Engranages #BBC4
RT @Okeating: Here's a handy diagram to help women choose the right style for their shape. https://t.co/PLYtZcFKHt
RT @jonworth: No. The thing with Macron is he thinks before he speaks and he intends to do what he says. Macron would think: oh, tunnel a…
RT @PeterEgan6: Not only is this cruel..it's stupid.When will humans learn. It baffles me. BBC News - Jallikattu: Five gored to death at In…
RT @projectchimps: Chimps outdoors in the grass and trees for the first time in their lives today! Here are pics of the female group of for…
Good luck Sean. Very much appreciate everything you've done & achieved in Islington. https://t.co/KYGOFx39lu