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RT @CahalBurke: Playing fields at Heatherleigh Recreation ground now truly flooded, linked to the development of hundreds of houses in neig…
RT @JohnRentoul: Boris Johnson's carelessness at the Foreign Affairs Committee could be one of the most expensive verbal mistakes in histor…
Lots of excellent cross border sharing of health care . IF #Brexit then real danger of unnecessary deaths
#Brexit upends health care arrangements with EU e.g. EHIC. Travel insurance could double for travellers to EU IF we leave
RT @bbcnickrobinson: Definition : “taking back control” = like it or lump it (eg “MPs can take back control by voting on Brexit deal…
Yesterday, in Cleckheaton I laid the first ever - in the country - wreath with the emblem of the House of Lords. https://t.co/HUgsldFiPv
RT @mrjamesob: Council pleads for help as crops go unharvested because of EU immigrant shortage https://t.co/Jcd3tCVMph
Anyone else think that #Boris is being deliberately provocative so he can be sacked and then be free to challenge #TM
RT @AdamBernard_HA: So, this chart. Seems to me that positions haven't materially shifted; Lab & Con leaderships favour leaving SM and CU,…
RT @VoteLeaveWatch: Chief Exec of NHS England, Simon Stevens, today backed our campaign to demand the £350m extra a week for the NHS the Le…
Speaking out in Lords about preventing #Islamophobia but Govnt cutting funds https://t.co/8qPZNEe6Cp
RT @marcuschown: There have been 3 Nobel Prizes for pulsars and not one has gone to their discoverer: Jocelyn Bell https://t.co/Lh2KQESAvF
RT @WoodlandTrust: The #TreeCharter launches today! If haven't done so already you can still add your name here https://t.co/zfAEOLxniK #Mo
Speaking in the Lords yesterday about Grenfell tower: speed up re-housing and COVER the tower https://t.co/A2Lrz1VT9l
RT @MSmithsonPB: LAB gives key job to an activist convicted of election fraud. https://t.co/wPiSkGZG86
As we approach Remembrance Day, our International Aid Sec thinks promoting war is positive use of our taxes https://t.co/I3QfztbyAv