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“So foul a sky clears not without a storm.” Will Brexit blow away what matters to Britain? (End of Thread) https://t.co/DQA6rSE6ME
Will the “spirits summoned” fulfil the promises which were made? Extract from Lord Patten’s lecture on Major and... https://t.co/MmwD7olw91
Will the “spirits summoned” fulfil the promises which were made? Extract from Lord Patten’s lecture on Major and Eu… https://t.co/LK6GHrZyae
“What’s not to like, apparently, is the price for all this was that we had lost much of our sovereignty.” “Sovereig… https://t.co/yb8iZQ1s54
Major helped us to get membership of the EU on the terms which we thought best suited us. We grumbled about EMU and… https://t.co/JrmKW04Nzy
Major foresaw all the problems of a monetary union. He had seen the merits of a common, not single, currency. With… https://t.co/ONWm1Ezfzn
Major wanted the same Union as other Prime Ministers, with the exception of Heath. He wrote, “It is for nations to… https://t.co/hnCDbn4jWm
“What can you do if some in your party put dogma before evidence, ideology before country” .. “If a party is hell-b… https://t.co/gdKPgLU3Xe
But over time, the “bastards” became even bigger bastards as they got their hands on a red box. Major conceded a re… https://t.co/CoV49MM4OB
Maastricht was a great success. No commitment to monetary union, enlargement without the social chapter, and in due… https://t.co/w628BtB9CH
Major could not be bolder on some aspect of EU policy. He once told a FO official, “You forget that I am standing a… https://t.co/OYNliVlzej
Major’s inheritance from Thatcher mixed. Good: single market, fairer budget settlement, standing up for countries i… https://t.co/GVLaEsjU4g
Major was a brilliant negotiator, knew his brief better than anyone else, everyone could see his transparent decenc… https://t.co/a4oV2GrkY8
Major got on with Mitterand and Kohl. But “people can love you to bits in a meeting and shaft you when it later sui… https://t.co/vhWKe6UrK5
“You could sing Jerusalem until you were blue in the face, (with its first verse of questions to all of which incid… https://t.co/OlAARunrjv
The argument against at the time: that we could be the another power between Europe and America has been diminished… https://t.co/SWFqbluJUG
Major said re:ERM, “By part I do not mean a walk-on part... I mean a leading role in the European Community.”
Churchill, Jenkins, MacMillan thought so. Churchil said “national sovereignty is not inviolable and may be resolute… https://t.co/fNzQLfvd9Y
“Begin with the history.” Decision not to take part has “dogged” relationship since. For France and Germany, the Me… https://t.co/mXqw2ze2CU
Lord Patten starts with two confessions “I am an enemy of the people, guilty as charged.” And that Major is the “cl… https://t.co/WTqmaS7bw7