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RT @NeilStockley: See this: @Andrew_Adonis takes apart the myth of Tory ‘unionism’ https://t.co/9fXjqmF4p2
‘Former prime ministers are like untethered rafts drifting around harbours, a menace to shipping.’ Gladstone
RT @juliesummersUK: https://t.co/wwbuX8kOM1 an excellent piece by @Andrew_Adonis putting Gove into scary historical perspective
RT @campbellclaret: L’Irlande marche vers l’avenir pour quitter les années 50. Le Royaume Uni galope vers le passé pour les rejoindre https…
I blame Brexit - bad for gentle dogs; only likes rotweilers https://t.co/LoVxtrVLNy
‘It is impossible to imagine the deal that could be secured from the current “screwed-up, botched, delusional shamb… https://t.co/Cc4TWzye7M
RT @ThatTimWalker: Long chat with old BBC friend who tells me @BBCr4today - with listeners bailing out in their tens of thousands - is now…
The most peculiar argument against a referendum on Mrs May’s Brexit deal is that it will be ‘divisive.’ It will be… https://t.co/h81Q4GQMY1
The most peculiar argument against a referendum on Mrs May’s Brexit deal is that it will be ‘divisive.’ It will be… https://t.co/HaseSr2t5Z
‘Mr Grayling has the oratory of a rail replacement service’ https://t.co/xbOfDQouiQ
If Brexit is forced through next March, it will not extinguish the passion for Britain to take its place in Europe.… https://t.co/vONnOYyIvd
Momentum gathering for referendum on Brexit within Labour party https://t.co/qWtZN2DGZB
RT @campaignforleo: Fantastic crowds at Dublin Castle. Remarkable day. A quiet revolution has taken place, a great act of democracy. https:…
General election pointless before Brexit unless Labour leadership opposes Brexit outright, because voters will have… https://t.co/XLBOBgTUq9
Happy 60th to the brilliant @Howard_Goodall, whose latest project Johnny English 3 v exciting. Purcell, Elgar, Hand… https://t.co/r9lxkegeNr
RT @Will_DryOFOC: Saving Britain by @Andrew_Adonis and @williamnhutton is out soon.. Pre-order BELOW! Britain is broken, culturally and eco…
Quite possible - meanwhile, as guarantor of basic civil liberties, the UK parliament should act now to legalise abo… https://t.co/bpJqAO2Fr2
Coming down from Kendal on the West Coast Main Line - v successful European Movement meeting yesterday - I’m struck… https://t.co/TfpxqTHfrh
Insightful by Lewis Goodall - in effect, the Republic has engineered a swift social union with Britain, just as the… https://t.co/wMQ6Yh0Z77
I think Mr Gauke may have read the Secret Barrister’s brilliant book. Good for him - and us https://t.co/LxwnjQtm16