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Rose petals on an urban pavement, a blade of grass that defies concrete incarceration, and raindrops unannounced dr… https://t.co/8rsDPT8b7E
I find meanness of spirit and an absence of generosity deeply unattractive. Bitterness destroys those who possess a… https://t.co/hcPsCbGlGJ
You were Ann. The equal age of consent. And soooo much more. Xx https://t.co/bdHZ1titr4
Now, I believe that god and religion have been allowed for too long a public space and political space. I respect t… https://t.co/sETVWDHO1s
Now I lay my head to sleep in the firm and certain knowledge that the people of Republic of Ireland have shown me t… https://t.co/FvCC4R0AdJ
RT @AlanOlive1: A more realistic account to that run by the Canary. REVEALED: How McCluskey’s games lost Corbyn a key position on Labour’s…
With this fabulous lightning across the skies, there will be much genuflecting, catechisms, and outreaching that th… https://t.co/pUkO1XG01i
RT @City_Livery_SM: @acgrayling The problem with #brexit is there are no experts planning it. From Day 1, it has only been: - brainless ch…
At least a brilliant record and decisive leadership to cult about. https://t.co/7A1uAnWLWI
Maybe. I was not a part of Labour L & G group. Only joined decades later. As Stonewall we offered solutions. https://t.co/cgR57BRxPL
I don’t believe in God, as a born-again atheist, maybe she is celebrating with fireworks the result in Ireland! https://t.co/dwQfxO0ZUn
RT @rmcg2799: Old Ireland died tonight. The old Ireland of asylums for “fallen” women, children sold abroad, shame, secrecy, and fear. Rott…
And we must remember that it was stonewall’s formulation to make every major political party absolutely comfortable… https://t.co/hd868FnKSB
Then you had a completely different reaction than me. And the Hansard record speaks for itself. As Labour Party spo… https://t.co/UWPFKLr2oE
There is no plan. From the radio a song. From the depths a memory buoyed & tossed by grief takes its moments. And g… https://t.co/nFOLYlK8rc