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Black Rod, Parliamentary role since 1300’s, is to be a woman for first time. Sarah Clarke is currently in charge of Wimbledon! Proud.
RT @jannekeg: Never Going Underground @PHMMcr with @IanMcKellen @mcashmanCBE & the Community Curators was an absolute highlight in my caree…
RT @mugecevik: Consequences of sexual health tender. Very devastating process & outcomes!!! #BHIVA2017 https://t.co/KMynbifHoZ
I totally agree. They exercise power without any restraint or responsibility. They are a real threat to democratic… https://t.co/U66ubGijd2
I warned Labour in govt to stop this from happening! Housing associations to be made private to encourage building https://t.co/XMF8Nz8Hai
Today in two debates: Universal Credit then Human Rights of Older People & Care. Poor govt response. Tonight @TheLabourofLove which was ok.
Disappointed in reply of govt Minister in relation to discrimination faced by older lgbt people & older people with HIV in Care & Health.
Great that you’re back. Well done. Excellent contribution. X https://t.co/jVGmLWhLT4
RT @SDoughtyMP: The Home Affairs Committee which I sit on has just released this very concerning report on #Brexit and customs chaos - Gove…
RT @mrjamesob: I have an image of the owners of The actual Ritz, in their palatial offshore tax haven, instructing their editor to go after…
Beautiful celebration of the life of Douglas Slater today: proud to see Parliament so well respresented and 4 Stonewall founders there too.
Congratulations to the people in Australia who showed vision and courage and leadership in supporting and campaigning for equal marriage.
RT @AmnestyUK_LGBTI: We feel happiness and pride at vote for #marriageequality in #Australia ❤️❤️❤️ - want to join us in campaigning for #L…
There must be more support and more aid for the victims and survivors of the earthquake in Iran. My thoughts and love go out to them.
And missing you most in the joys of my life the joys of my life are always lived with you. Defying death’s grasp my life is lived with you.
Its in the joys of my life that I miss you most. You gave them air & lifted them above life itself. And we floated. In all I miss you, but..