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People like you make me feel ashamed. Not of myself but of your thorough disregard of humanity and human suffering.… https://t.co/G47MwZxs22
Well done Ian. It is clap trap and Corbyn and McDonnell know it. Or they SHOULD. https://t.co/1RILFXikxI
A reminder of the pits. The mines. The coalfields of this once United Kingdom. X https://t.co/WFvQiNRgOU
People are often scared of what they don’t understand, or what is so like them, yet they never acknowledge. Hence t… https://t.co/VRfNE1sdXH
With such a cheap polyester wig that @realDonaldTrump spreads across that witless brain it would need protection fr… https://t.co/Os74ePltgC
Nursing ‘flu and listening to music i’ve come to the conclusion that I’m old enough for Wagner. But as @IanMcKellenhttps://t.co/yYAUnZavoN
RT @Jorekai: @Shakierabeth @DavidCoburnUKip @mcashmanCBE There's plenty of working class people who ARE supporting refugees! Here are a w…
Rather than wait for you to leave my timeline I’ve removed you. That you could tweet this in response to refugees i… https://t.co/pOK8qsJTK0
Without any due respect to you David that reaction to what I have just tweeted is absolutely pathetic. So can I jus… https://t.co/Wjkl45fO4t
Disagree. But actually you are right in that GLC gave Margaret Thatcher an excuse to seek her right wing support. S… https://t.co/J2ldfKGQo4
You’re response is exactly what I expected from you. Oh my God we are eating. We mustn’t let other people know wha… https://t.co/o1cw279W3D
Referendum voters should be able to change their minds, says John Bercow https://t.co/1gKrrjeatm
But this concerted approach would not suit a Brexiteer such as you. Especially as these approaches have also been s… https://t.co/UeFZYlHsY9
As in WW2 we open our borders to refugees. All of us. Not just Germany or Turkey. Every single country. We manage r… https://t.co/6OMELdSZNV
I think Boris is rather like a eunuch in a brothel: they see it going on, talk about it all the time, but when it c… https://t.co/ky8nRMU1o1
Or maybe as Mrs Thatcher did? She abolished the Greater London Council because it was Labour controlled and led, an… https://t.co/IoQZ4LHoqu
The utter joy of the romance that is @Channel4, Prunella Scales & Timothy West and #greatcanaljourneys. Thank you f… https://t.co/MGrQ8JiCE3
RT @GeraintDaviesMP: Speaker John Bercow is right to say democracy is dynamic and to condemn the dictatorship of the majority. #Brexit is a…
Fifteen Syrian refugees - some of them children - have been found frozen to death while trying to cross the mountai… https://t.co/syfgNrqn4e
Thank you for the courteous and inclusive way that you reminded me. I should not have needed reminding. I stand wit… https://t.co/139gYjWQho